Amarti is an NGO whose aim is to combine arts and humanitarian relief, in the service of populations going through moral and material crises or collective traumas : victims of war, war rape, genocide, natural or ecological catastrophes; refugees or displaced persons; street children…


. By offering a basic group of tools taken from creative art-therapy techniques : tools that are intentionnally simple, evolutive, adaptable to each specific situation, interactive and sensitive to cultural backgrounds. These tools are brought to artists, creators and commited local workers or volunteers.

. By helping, if possible, revive and enhance diminishing or disappearing individual and collective local artistic potentials.

. By encouraging the continuation of certain local practices or traditions of mental/spiritual healing.

. By supporting preexisting specific projects or actors.

Our Goals

IN THE SHORT TERM, the persons benefiting from these tools are expected to adapt them to their own needs and environment, acording to their own creativity and/or personality, and to develop local projects.

IN THE MEDIUM-LONGER TERM, we hope to see effective local means of longlasting and positive transformation in the practice of numerous transgenerational destructive patterns, such as repetitive violence, despair, self-exclusion…

1. Amarti will work for the direct and immediate saving of lives through its active attempt to trestore victims’ mental as well as physical health.

2. It will contribute to checking the transmission of traumas across generations, while simultaneously working to prevent their immediate individual and social effects.

3. By appealing to the spiritual resources of Art, Amarti’s work will favor the profound restoration of peace mechanisms.

4. Amarti will therefore participate in changing the future of human groups historically trapped ” in repeated cycles of violence