The mission of the Amazon Pueblo project is to help theindigenous community of La Libertad, Amazonas, Colombia, living on the banks ofthe Amazon River to enhance their dignity and quality of life by followingsustainable practices with food, water, energy, and economics.

La Libertad is a small indigenous village found in theColombian Amazon, near the borders of Peru and Brazil. The village is only 14years old, but during this time their population has grown from 50 to over 350people. They live in near abject poverty and are plagued by problems ofparasite infested water, lack of sanitation, and the lure of drug money acrossthe border in Peru. However, the hardships that they endure are balanced by theprofound beauty and incredible biodiversity of the rainforest in which theylive. The Amazon Pueblo project addresses these concerns and presents possiblesolutions.

The Amazon Pueblo project is a small and very new. Our firstvolunteer was in the village in January of 2012, and our next two volunteerswent to the village in February 2012. We expect at least five more volunteersto work in the village over the time of March to August, 2012.   

We find volunteers through the, the AmazonPueblo website, word of mouth, and by other volunteer opportunity sites. I alsogive presentations at local libraries and to other interested groups. Thevolunteers pay for their own transportation, food, and special supplies thatthey will use. The village provides the housing and some logistical support.

We are currently not a tax-exempt organization. Our projectis funded entirely by the volunteers. We find people who have an expertise incertain areas and are willing to take on a specific project or projects. Thesemay range from being able to patiently and creatively teach English to settingup solar powered electrical systems and drilling wells.  The volunteers pay for their owntransportation, food, and special supplies that they will use. The villageprovides the housing and some logistical support.