AME subscribes to a global, socio-political and economic system, which affords just and equitable opportunity for all, in the development process. AME recognizes that in the prevailing circumstances, the worst affected are a large number of disadvantaged families dependent on farming in rain fed areas, with a future rapidly going out of their control. AME believes that sustainable livelihoods for all are attainable through a systematic ecological approach to the development process.


AME is committed to realizing its vision through a holistic perspective in all its endeavours. AME will work towards sustainable livelihoods through innovations in technology, harnessing indigenous and advanced knowledge systems. AME will promote sustainable agriculture and natural resource management systems that address issues of ecological degradation. These developments will be disseminated widely for empowering the resource-poor and disadvantaged farm families and communities. In generating these alternatives, AME will integrate the needs of social development including mainstreaming of gender and equity issues. These efforts will be complemented with the facilitation of collaborative and participatory processes for both effective dissemination and advocacy.