The AAHope Foundation, is an organization created by a few concerned American Veteran’s and most importantly, by the American Asian community. These children have begun to form their own unique community within Vietnam. Through that community they have found each other, and the listening ears and understanding hearts so essential to human healing and survival.

It has been through this community that they have begun to understand many of the obstacles that they must face to advance their lives to the next level of existence. And it is through this community that they have found new possibilities and friends. This is for many, their first experience of belonging and empowerment. Because of this community they have managed to create relationships with American’s interested in helping them find a way home or a better life in Vietnam, and a fresh pool of resources and advise needed to develop new opportunities, so necessary in living full lives.

Most importantly AAHope Foundation is an organization that, whenever possible, maintains a position of neutrality in regard to governmental policies of the US and Vietnam. Its primary focus is to create and maintain a Support Network that is based on a self help” model