From our Fairfax, California office, American Rivers leads a nationwide effort to reform the Army Corps of Engineers, pushing for greater accountability for protecting rivers and ensuring that future projects reflect the highest standards, are economically justified and environmentally sound.

American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy natural rivers and the variety of life they sustain for people, fish, and wildlife.

We deliver innovative solutions to improve river health; raise awareness among decision-makers and the public; serve and mobilize the river conservation movement; and collaborate with our partners to develop the Citizens’ Agenda for Rivers which creates a unified vision for improving river health across the country.

Our vision:

We have a vision of a society where people share a common ethic to care for their rivers.

In our vision, communities will protect their rivers as a benefit to their economy, culture, and quality of life. Healthy rivers will, in turn, be a magnet for business, tourism and recreation. Schools will incorporate stream ecology into their curricula. Politicians at all levels will campaign and legislate for healthy rivers.

An organized nationwide movement to restore and protect rivers, created and sustained by the community of local, regional, and national groups that work on rivers, will implement a consensus citizens’ agenda for healthy rivers.

The health of America’s rivers will show measurable improvement as a result. Our water will be cleaner. Habitat will be restored. Imperiled fish and wildlife will rebound. Local economies based on healthy rivers will flourish.

Our work is constantly driven by what is best for rivers and for people whose lives they touch. We share a passion for rivers and a deep commitment to restoring and preserving them.

We take a pragmatic, science-based approach to solving problems facing rivers and assure credibility in all our research and communications, achieving professional quality in everything we do.

We maintain integrity in our dealings with everyone inside and outside the organization, and take a supportive and respectful team-based approach to our work.

We work closely with grassroots river and watershed groups across the country because we believe supporting each others’ efforts is key to the health of rivers nationwide. Our staff members also collaborate with other conservation groups, sporting and recreation groups, local citizens and businesses, and various federal, state, and tribal agencies to build strong coalitions.

Our priority issues:

The conservation work of American Rivers is designed to address some of the most pressing threats and opportunities for people and rivers today.

– America’s Most Endangered Rivers

– Clean Water

– Dam Removal

– Hydropower Dam Reform

– Wild Rivers

– Sprawl

– Water Scarcity & Instream Flow

– Endangered Species

– The Rivers of Lewis and Clark (Snake River, Columbia River, Missouri River)

– Community Watersheds

– Army Corps Reform

– River Science

– The Rivers of Puget Sound.