The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) is the principal organization in the United States representing scientists, clinicians and others with interests in the prevention and control of tropical diseases through research and education.

The interests of the Society lie in tropical medicine, including the varied parasitic and viral diseases of the tropics, as well as other infectious diseases, such as enteric and mycobacterial infections.

The Society’s members include those with clinical, epidemiological, and basic biochemical, immunologic and molecular approaches to diseases and pathogens. Within the Society are various active subgroups with specific interests ranging from medical entomology to clinical tropical diseases.

The Society’s mission is to promote world health by prevention and control of tropical diseases through research and education:

Specific goals are to:

* Stimulate the advancement of basic and operational research in tropical diseases
* Educate health professionals and the public regarding tropical medicine
* Improve the health of Americans and others worldwide who are exposed to tropical diseases
* Promote science-based policy-making in international health
* Foster international scientific collaboration in tropical medicine
* Promote professional interest and career development in tropical medicine
* Recognize exceptional achievement in tropical medicine.