Amherst Now and Forever is the name of an initiative to permanently protect some of the remaining open land in Amherst. Specifically, the initiative proposes a $5.5 million bond issue for the purpose of protecting land that is of particular value to the community. As growth in Amherst and southern New Hampshire continues at an unprecedented rate, our town?s beautiful landscapes and rural nature are changing forever. The remaining 7,000 acres of developable land in Amherst will almost certainly be developed if we do nothing. Amherst needs to protect some of this remaining open space. Doing nothing will have a detrimental impact on our quality of life and the unique and special character of our town.

The Amherst Conservation Commission, Amherst Land Trust, and Board of Selectmen are working together to identify and preserve land that is of significant value to our community and its future. Examples include:

* Land that affects our water quality

* Scenic and historic landscapes

* Links between existing conservation holdings

* Parcels with passive and active recreation potential

* Key habitats and wildlife corridors