Amnesty International is a worldwide, grassroots, Nobel-prize winning human rights organization. We at CU are just a small part of the 1.8 million members around the globe. Amnesty undertakes research and action focused on preventing and ending human rights abuses in many different social and geographical areas.

Our chapter acts in many different ways. This past year we ran campaigns surrounding issues of war, women’s rights, domestic policy, and corporate justice. We were constantly collecting signatures on petitions, and also have been involved in a campaign for a sweatshop-free purchasing policy for the University. We hosted speakers, films, teach-ins and rallies on campus. Our activities and leadership change as new issues arise and new passions are discovered within the group.

Topics we address may fall into any of the following categories: International Trade in Arms and Military Training, Business & Human Rights, Children, Conflict Diamonds, the Death Penalty, Education, the Environment, International Criminal Court, Legal Issues, Women, the War on Terror