Aims and objectives of the association:

AMURT (Austria), which is a purely humanitarian and non-profit association, has the following worldwide aims and objectives:

– sustainable development cooperation; by helping poor, underprivileged, disabled or helpless people in their efforts to improve their circumstances and to enable them to live their lives with dignity and reduce their suffering.

– the association also offers humanitarian aid to people in disaster situations.

The association can achieve these aims and objectives by taking action or implementing projects such as the following:

– emergency relief following disasters – both natural disasters and war, violent unrest or similar man-made disasters. The relief provided not only entails caring for the injured, the sick or the poor and saving lives but also rebuilding infrastructures that have been destroyed such as water supplies, homes, healthcare and schools etc.

– the provision of resources and the initiation of relief measures such as medical care, accommodation, food, clothing and schooling.

promotion of disaster preparedness in areas regularly affected by natural disasters.

– cooperation with other national and international relief agencies and organisations pursuing the same aims and objectives as AMURT and providing relief in accordance with the same principles. Membership of international interest groups pursuing the same aims and objectives as AMURT (Austria).