Animal Welfare League NSW’s aims and objectives are:

– To address the welfare concerns of companion animals and have available for adoption those that have been assessed healthy.

– To provide informed advice on animal behaviour modification training.

– To encourage companion pet owners to prevent euthanasia of unwanted litters by having their companion animals desexed (sterilised).

– To oppose the use of animals for any unjustifiable experiments and to encourage the use of non-animal forms of research.

– To educate the wider public to the value of animals in developing and maintaining a healthy society.

– To initiate and contribute to the development of legal measures to safeguard the well-being of all animals.

– To oppose all forms of cruelty and neglect of animals and to prosecute persons who subject animals to cruel treatment and/or fail to provide proper care.

– To educate the wider public of their lawful responsibilities in the management of companion animals.

– To encourage rural enterprise to adopt recognised quality assurance management practices in their management of animals.

– To participate in developing density housing specifications that will provide animals acceptable space for them to express their behavioural needs.

– To support rural enterprise and wildlife authorities in developing sound land-use management programs to provide a sustainable balance of animals to preserve the ecology.

Over the years Animal Welfare League NSW has concentrated on influencing debate on a range of animal welfare issues from which informed decisions result. Policy decisions however, should never be regarded as the final word on any issue, so all decisions should be viewed as having a limited life span. With this in mind, the League has produced only a small number of polices, and these are:

Standards of Care

– Farm Animals

– Feeding of Farm Animals

– Transport of Farm Animals

– Companion Animals

– Animal Experimentation