Who We Are

The Apalachicola Bay and Riverkeeper is a grassroots environmental advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Florida`s most endangered river and estuary—the Apalachicola— including its tributaries: the Chipola, the Brothers and the Little St. Marks. Canoeing on the Apalachicola River David McLain, a retired soldier and environmental trainer, is the current Riverkeeper. The organization more than doubled its membership in the last year. We are also partnered with 1000 Friends of Florida on regional issues and the Waterkeeper Alliance for national issues.

What We Do

The Apalachicola Bay and Riverkeeper aggressively advocates for public policy and regulation to protect and preserve our River and Bay. We pursue an intensive program of public outreach and education on issues that directly impact our resource and the quality of life it supports. We monitor both the on-going health of the River and Bay, as well as the impending threats to that resource. We team with others to achieve our joint goals.

How We Do It

As prioritized by the concerns of our membership we identify the most immediate threats to our River and Bay. Through stakeholder meetings, media campaigns and regular visits to elected officials we develop the options and pursue those which offer potential solutions through changes to public policy and regulatory oversight. In addition to this issue-driven environmental advocacy program, the Apalachicola Bay and Riverkeeper responds to citizen complaints about pollution. Through water testing and site inspection, we determine whether these problems are in violation of state, local or federal law. Our first step in all these efforts is to alert authorities to the problem and work with them to reduce or eliminate the problem. In cases where the regulatory agencies refuse to act, we will take action to rally public support and if necessary, resort to legal action.

Apalachicola River Basin, Click Image to See a Larger Map

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