APOPO trains and deploys detection rats to enhance life-saving actions.

APOPO is a social enterprise that researches, develops, and deploys detection rat technology for humanitarian purposes.  Currently, APOPO is demining the Gaza Province of Mozambique and detecting Tuburculosis in human sputum samples for four Tanzanian hospitals. APOPO is a non-governmental organization started in Belgium and headquartered in Tanzania.

Vision and mission

  • APOPO’s vision is to develop appropriate detection technologies, to empower vulnerable communities.
    This vision is rooted in a belief that finding local solutions for local problems removes the structural barriers to development.
  • APOPO’s mission is to become the centre of excellence in detection rat technologies, to enhance the impact of life-saving actions.

APOPO utilizes a local resource, the African Giant Pouched Rat (Cricetomys gambianus) for its detection technology. Using these rats as detectors is advantageous due to their efficiency in this role