Location: Trimble, Ohio, United States
Issue Areas: Forestry Law and Policy, Logging, Sustainable Forestry

The Appalachian Forest Resource Center (AFRC) was established to address the needs of forests and communities in the Central and Southern Appalachian region, extending from Pennsylvania to northern Alabama. The Center’s activities are aimed at fostering and supporting community forestry activities throughout the region.

We work with people who are living where significant changes in the American forest products industry are being felt first, and frequently the hardest. We mesh people’s knowledge with people-centered research so that citizen’s lives –and the forest’s health–improve steadily.

The Appalachian Forest Resource Center is currently conducting a study of the potential for improving the connection between sustainable forestry practices and new design and construction projects. If you are a building professional (i.e. contractor, architect, custom carpenter), or simply have an interest in seeing local certified wood products become available in Ohio, please take 15 minutes to fill out our survey. By responding to the survey you are assisting us in our efforts to:

* Connect building professionals and interested parties such as yourself with Ohio-grown and processed certified wood products

* Bridge the connection between well-managed forestlands and those in construction interested in sourcing certified materials for construction projects

* Promote the development of a market for certified forest products