Ecological wastewater treatment for large-scale applications such as cities and industries.  Based on a biomimetic, engineered natural system, the GO2 Water technology is among the most sustainable wastewater treatment technologies available. 

Some of the attributes of our advanced pond-based operating systems include: 

  • no sludge accumulation or handling (our oldest installation has operated for more than 40 years without ever handling sludge),
  • low energy costs because algae oxygenate the water for us (rather than using mechanical aerators),
  • biogas production and capture from anaerobic digestion,
  • very low labor requirements,
  • carbon-neutral footprint,
  • no odors.

Our process is fully scalable, from 25,000 gallons per day up to more than 120 million gallons per day. 

The process is suitable for treating most organic waste streams, including municipal sewage; food processor effluents like from fruit, vegetable, wine, and beer facilities; agricultural waste streams like manure, abbatoirs, and confined animal feed operations. 

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