The Arizona Open Land Trust [AOLT] protects Southern Arizona`s vanishing western landscapes and wildlife habitat by acquiring and managing sensitive lands. In addition to our role as land steward, we also support programs that carry out our purpose, including appropriate legislation, public education, and outreach. We believe the preservation of Southern Arizona`s landscapes and ecosystems to be vital to the well being of all residents, present and future.

In the past three years alone we have protected more than 3,000 acres through conservation easements, donations and fee acquisition. In 1985 AOLT was instrumental in establishing legislation in Arizona enabling conservation easements. AOLT is currently working with Pima County to pass legislation that will specify how county assessor`s can reduce property tax rates on land under a conservation easement.

The Arizona Open Land Trust`s Board of Directors commits to protecting 15,000 acres of that land within the next five years. We will protect lands that:

* Will increase the size of existing preserves or connect existing preserves to augment unfragmented habitat

* Provide recreation opportunities for the public

* Protect habitats for endangered, critical and sensitive species

* Protect vast and intact working landscapes

* Protect water resources and riparian areas