AWHHE was formed in 1999. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which involves experienced specialists: epidemiologists, ecologists/environmentalists, hygienists, pediatrician, teachers. For the time being it unifies 47 members.
Even prior to its official registration in the Ministry of Justice, AWHHE aimed all their efforts at collecting information on the status of reproductive health among women and detection of the main sources of toxic pollutants in the country.


The Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment [AWHHE] has been formed with the mission: to promote sustainable and healthy lifestyle for children and women in Armenia, working in the direction of decreasing the harmful impacts of toxic pollutants on the environment and human health in, particular on reproductive health.


-To raise awareness among population about POPs issues, in particular pesticides.
-To provide education and information campaign for target population on POPs issues
-To support socially vulnerable groups and in particular women and children from environmentally unfavorable regions
-To assess the risks and hazardous effects of POPs on human health, in particular reproductive health