APWLD is Asia Pacific’s leading feminist, membership driven network. We hold consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Our 180 members represent groups of diverse women from 25 countries in the region. For nearly 25 years APWLD has been empowering women to use law as an instrument of change for equality, justice, peace and development. We use research, training, advocacy and activism to claim and strengthen women’s human rights. Our diverse membership provides the strength and expertise that both drives and executes our four programme areas which include Women and Power, Feminist Law and Practice, Breaking out of Marginalisation and Grounding the Global.


The Women and Power programme aims to strengthen women’s political participation and challenge gendered political structures. Through this programme we conduct training on gender and politics; facilitate networking and collaboration of women parliamentarians and other women in government; and conduct research & publication.


This longstanding programme provides training to women lawyers, policy makers and activists who want to advance equality for women. Participants analyse and critique discriminatory laws from feminist and rights based perspectives. 


This programme supports rural, indigenous and migrant women to challenge discriminatory practices and laws. We train and support women to document human rights violations and use national, regional and international fora and reporting mechanisms to instigate change. Working with partner organisations we use participatory research to advocate for climate justice for women.  As a core member of the United for Foreign Domestic Worker Rights (UFDWR) we campaign for the rights of domestic workers.


Grounding the Global aims to enhance capacity of women in Asia Pacific to advocate for women’s human rights and fundamental freedoms by engaging in regional and international mechanisms. This programme builds on APWLD’s existing legacy conducting annual regional consultations with UN Special Rapporteurs and through this programme we co-facilitate the South East Asian Women’s Caucus to ASEAN.