The organization, created in 1992, started its first missions in response to the call of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal. These destitute communities asked for help to save their youth from tuberculosis and to preserve their culture. Quite rapidly, AMTM extended its activities to destitute communities and particularly women, children, and elders in both countries. Aware that it is through permanent action that success will be felt, AMTM members have decided to focus their action on three complementary domains.

Medical Action:

Thanks to a pluridisciplinary team (doctors, pharmacologists, nurses), the association is present several times a year in the field. Taking care of the highest number of people, assuring the best prevention and maintaining a follow-up during the absence of the volunteer teams, such are the objectives of AMTM.

Humanitarian Action:

Due to the dilapidation, or even the inexistence of buildings (kitchen, showers, sanitary appliances), and because the water is the cause for many gastrointestinal or dermatological pathologies, AMTM has decided to support financially renovation and construction works.


Being sponsored means coming back to life and to its rights, it also means getting out of one’s isolation into misery. The impact of this personalized affective support is huge on the godchild, whatever his age. Depression leaves them, while hope, dignity, good health and of course the smile on their faces are back! Today AMTM manages more than 1,000 sponsorships benefiting both children and adults. The money is given directly to the godchild or the adult in charge of the site.