Aquaverde is a non-profit Association whose aim is to protect the Rain Forest by sup-
porting the Amazon indigenous peoples to “Plant Trees” in the Rain Forest.

It has the status of public utility recognized by the Swiss government.

Our support is primarily directed towards the local Indian Tribes but our efforts also

impact on the whole of humanity by helping to provide future generation’s, water and

clean air while at the same time protecting the biodiversity of the forest and offering

an economic alternative to deforestation.

Through contributions from individuals and companies to “Plant Trees”, Aquaverde pro-
vides financial support to reforestation programs conducted by the local Indian tribes
who are the true “Guardians” of the forest. These programs organized and managed by
the communities themselves assures protection of their natural environment and also
the preservation of their culture and ancestral way of life and ultimately their existence
as a people.

We support reforestation programs with the Surui Indians of the state of Rondonia, and
also the Munduruku Indians in the Tapajos National Forest in the state of Para, in Brazil.
These peoples are very close to the power of nature and they are well aware that their
way of life and survival is dependent on the health of the forest and that this also has a
far wider global impact on the environment.

All the trees planted are indigenous to the area and each is planted according the tradi-
tions and rituals of the Tribes. The women play a key role in choosing the species to be
planted and these are chosen according to their importance to the community: produc-
tion of fruit and seeds, production of local handcrafted goods and also beneficial oils
and medicines from the, bark, roots and leaves of the trees much of which is unknown
in Western civiisation.

The Amazon Rain Forest apart from its treasure of biodiversity is also one of the most
important single factors in the regulation of the climate of the Planet. It transforms Car-
bon Dioxide gas into Oxygen for us to breath and with its many tributaries the Amazon
River represents approximately 20% of the world’s fresh water. The health of the Amazon
is crucial to the Worlds water cycle and its climate, and for the capture and recycling of
Global carbon emissions.

By organizing the planting of trees, Aquaverde contributes to the protection of the lar-
gest forest in the world and, through awareness campaigns, encourages individuals,
schools and companies to be more conscious of their impact on the environment.
The adoption of trees gives support life on Earth and provides hope and sustenance to
indigenous peoples who are fighting to protect their heritage and their existence.
Each tree planted is “one small step for man” and an investment by humanity for future
generations of Mankind