ASUPMATOMA is a non profit organization. Our U.S. Affiliate is WIDECAST. Focuses on the environment and preservation effort of the sea turtle along the southern state of Baja California, Mexico. Environmental Education for children, students, volunteers and tourists. Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

Although the official papers for ASUPMATOMA were completed in the last months of 1995, the organization was founded in Cabo San Lucas 18 years ago. Sr. Rene Pinal, its current President, along with a small group of residents and local biologists, started working for the protection of these local endangered species. A turtle nursery was built in 1990 at Rancho Punta San Cristobal located approximately 15 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. In 1997, through a generous donation from the Westin Regina Hotel, we were able to build an updated camping facility for the 1998-1999 season.

In 1999 P.A.D.I Project Awareness Foundation donated $2,000 and together with biologist, Dr. Scott Eckert at Hubb’s Sea World Research Institute and Mexico National Institute of Fisheries represented by M.C. Laura Sarti, ASUPMATOMA placed a satellite transmitter on the first Leatherback Turtle from Baja California Sur. Keep in touch