The Atlantic Salmon Federation is an international non-profit organization that promotes the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon and its environment.

In less than 300 years the Atlantic salmon`s numbers have decreased by 90 percent. Without help, the Atlantic salmon may face extinction.

ASF`s primary objective is to prevent this tragedy and to restore depleted salmon populations.

ASF has played a key role in the effort to restore Atlantic salmon runs to the rivers of eastern Canada, New England and abroad since 1948. Through the generous support of individuals, corporations and foundations who share the federation`s goals, ASF has worked to save salmon from the detrimental effects of over-harvesting, pollution and habitat loss.

ASF works with government and industry to eliminate damaging hydro-electric projects and harmful practices in the forestry, agriculture, aquaculture and mining industries.

ASF has successfully campaigned for removal of thousands of interceptory nets in the ocean.

Now ASF is focused on:

*Implementing cutting-edge research to determine why salmon are dyng at sea and near shore

*advocating legislative and regulatory changes for the fishfarming industry to curtail interbreeding and tansfer of disease and parasites to wild populations

*playing a science and advocacy role in convincing Canada to protect species at risk

*carrying out comprehensive Live Release Angling education and incentive programs

*implementing conservation, habitat restoration and community watershed management plans

*advocating for reducing acid rain emissions and agricultural runoff to prevent fish kills