Austin Green Art’s mission is create cultural evolution by putting art at the service of community.  We accomplish this by producing collaborative, high-profile public art programs that are environmentally themed.

We’ve innovated a unique programming model that brings artists, businesses, environmental groups, kids and the community together to accomplish what is akin to an old-fashioned barn-raising — only we work together to raise art, awareness and community.

Join us!  Or better yet, we’ll join you. 

We bring lots of media attention to green business, environmental campaigns and community issues.

We’re pioneering a service model for artists that promotes opportunity outside the gallery system and in the community as engaged participants.

Browse the See What We’ve Done section of our website to get a feel for our work.

We’ve partnered with:
Whole Foods
Forest Ethics
Green Mountain Energy
Hill Country Conservancy
Texas Campaign for the Environment
Austin City Limits Festival
Sustainable Food Center
and Many Others!