The Aviation Environment Federation (AEF) is the principal UK non-profit making environmental association concerned with the environmental effects of aviation. These range from aircraft noise issues associated with small airstrips or helipads, to the contribution of airline emissions to climate change.

The AEF was established in 1975 and now has over 120 affiliated members comprising community and environmental groups, local authorities, parish councils, businesses and consultancies. Individual and student members are also welcomed. All members have access to our comprehensive Advice and Information Service – see Membership page for a full list of member entitlements and benefits.

Derived from the AEF’s constitution, the objectives of the Federation are as


– To foster a climate of opinion which takes full account of the environmental issues arising from aircraft and aerodrome use

– To promote a relationship between the environment and aviation in which the detrimental effects of aviation on quality of life and on the natural and man-made environment are kept to a minimum

– To encourage wide discussion of the problems involved and to seek practical solutions

– To consult and co-operate with local, national and international governments, the aviation industry, regulatory authorities, universities, professional institutions, research bodies, and any others for the purpose of reducing noise, disturbance and all forms of pollution by technical and operational means

– To pursue these objectives with policy-making and legislative bodies – local, national and international – so that laws and policies include measures for effective environmental protection

– To provide relevant advice and information to assist its members

– To publicise and promote the viewpoint of the Federation through the media and through representation among bodies responsible for aviation matters, as appropriate