Our Mission

The Bay Area Working Group on the Precautionary Principle is a diverse collaborative of organizations and individuals that promotes and implements precautionary action to protect health and the environment. We create fundamental changes in decision making that build healthier, more just, and sustainable communities

Strategic Statement

The Bay Area Working Group on the Precautionary Principle serves as a resource and catalyst that works locally, regionally, and beyond to promote the precautionary principle through education and outreach, public mobilization, grassroots participation, and policy reform.

Our Vision

We envision a world of healthy communities and individuals in a clean and flourishing environment. Dangerous levels of toxic substances in our bodies and the environment will have been eliminated. Human activities in the environment and substances released there will have been thoroughly studied and be the safest available alternatives. All babies will be born free of toxic contamination and the breast milk they drink will not contain dangerous chemicals.

Worldwide, environmental health and justice, and the Precautionary principle, will be the highest priorities for industry and governmental policy and practices at all levels, and our economy and society will reward activities and products that minimize harm. The Precautionary Principle and the protection of the environment will be practiced in every home. Communities and individuals will be informed and actively involved in decision-making that affects their lives.

The BAWG will reflect in structure and practice the values it promotes. It will be multi-cultural, multi-constituency, flexible, democratic, inclusive, and responsive to current opportunities. The BAWG will draw on ample resources to advise, be a resource to, and assist communities, governments, and other stakeholders implementing the Precautionary Principle in homes, schools, workplaces, local governments and communities. The BAWG`s work will help bring about a more equitable distribution of power in our society as well as fundamental changes in environmental health decision-making. The BAWG will have meaningful collaborations with others in the social justice and sustainable development movements. The BAWG will have many actively involved members and organizations supporting our mission.