Mission Statement

The Baylor Institute for Air Science (BIAS) was established to advance BaylorUniversity’s mission to foster stewardship of the earth through research, public service and the education of a new generation of scientist-pilots dedicated to protect and serve the environment


BIAS conducts investigations into air quality and provides support for investigations on all aspects of the environment using aircraft as observation platforms. BIAS continues the development of cleaner renewable fuels for aviation. BIAS has been developing a small inexpensive aircraft powered on renewable fuels designed to investigate air pollution with a miniaturized instrument package. This will accomplish many important goals – enabling expansion of air sampling because of reduced costs and enhancing our understanding of the atmospheric environment.

Public Service

BIAS develops educational programs and conducts conferences and demonstrations on critical issues of global and local air pollution and the development of renewable transportation fuels. BIAS makes full use of media to reach as wide an audience as possible in order to inform the general public on these vital topics.


BIAS develops curriculum for the Aviation Sciences Scientist-Pilot program and other educational aviation, atmospheric research and alternative aviation fuels development programs. BIAS conducts seminars and courses on the ethical and moral imperatives concerning environmental stewardship.