Beyond Benign is a nonprofit focused on creating a workforce and public that is well educated in green chemistry in order to create safer materials for a thriving society.

Beyond Benign was created to generate, gather and disseminate green chemistry information to a wide audience. The Foundation is focused on creating a future where sustainability and economic development go hand-and-hand. In order to create this future, green chemistry knowledge and education must become standard practice, rather than the exception. Therefore, Beyond Benign focuses on infusing green chemistry knowledge throughout society through a variety of means.

Beyond Benign has three main focuses:

  • K-12 Curriculum and Training – The concepts of Green Chemistry and Sustainability will be integral knowledge for all future scientists and educated citizens. We believe that education of these topics must begin at the K-12 level. Through Beyond Benign’s K-12 Curriculum and Training programs, a number of lesson plans, curriculum materials and training opportunities are presented to the K-12 educational community to aid in the implementation of science driven by the principles of Green Chemistry throughout the K-12 educational system.
  • Community Outreach and Communications – Community education is an essential piece to an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world. Beyond Benign seeks to educate the community to inspire future scientists and to create more informed consumers and voters who are able to support a growing industrial market based in concepts of Green Chemistry and sustainability.
  • Workforce Development – Green Chemistry in practice implies designing safer, economical, efficacious and efficient processes and products. All of these aspects are symptoms of good product design and good manufacturing processes in industry and can result in economic benefit for industries that implement these practices. Green Chemistry can be a tool for regional economic development and jobs creation. Education and training at the academic and professional level are required to support a workforce that can sustain industries driven by the principles of Green Chemistry.

Beyond Benign’s Educational Approach

Beyond Benign specializes in curriculum development