The BiminiBiological Field Station Foundation (Sharklab) is a world class and fieldleading research facility based out of Bimini, Bahamas. The Sharklab is anon-profit organisation that offers marine biology internships and volunteerplacements to people interested in shark research and the conservation of theocean’s ecosystems.

Founded in 1990, BBFSF is operated by Dr. Samuel H. Gruber.  Dr. Grubercame to Bimini decades ago after discovering what a vital habitat the islandswere to an array of marine life, especially the lemon shark (Negaprionbrevirostris). The station was established as a place for Dr.Gruber, his students and volunteers to carry out field research on elasmobranchfishes (shark and rays) full time. The Sharklab also offers university coursesin shark biology and marine ecology, educating and giving experience tostudents in the field.  Community outreach is a key part of our work andwe hope to be able to educate and enhance the knowledge of local children sothat they are better able to make informed decisions about the future of theirisland and the surrounding environment.

Todate we have published nearly 80 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals;appeared in approximately 150 TV shows, documentaries and films; giveninternships to over 1000 people interested in shark research; have the largestgenetic database of a single shark species with over 3000 individual samples;and have caught and taken information from over 6000 sharks.

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