The Black-footed Ferret Recovery Implementation Team (BFFRIT) was created in 1996 to more effectively integrate the expertise and resources of various parties contributing to the recovery of the black-footed ferret. The BFFRIT is a multi-agency/ conservation organization effort, led by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which includes representatives from federal and state governments, zoos, and nonprofit organizations. The team was created pursuant to Section 4(f)(2) of the amended Endangered Species Act which authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to procure the services of appropriate public and private agencies, institutions, and other qualified persons to help implement endangered species recovery plans.

The goal of the Black-footed Ferret Recovery Plan is to establish 10 or more widely separated, self-sustaining, wild black-footed ferret populations in order to consider downlisting of the species to threatened” status. Although the role of the BFFRIT is strictly advisory in nature