The Wildlands League is:

– a grassroots organization that actively involves supporters and community members in its activities;

– strongly focused on science-based conservation, working with leading scientists and conservation organizations from throughout North America; and

– geared to finding positive solutions for environmental problems through research, communications, outreach and consensus building.

– a chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, which has 12 grassroots chapters across Canada.


The Wildlands League`s mission is to protect wilderness through the establishment of protected areas and through the promotion of natural resource use that is sustainable for nature, communities and the economy.

Our Vision

Our vision for the northern boreal forest is a system of large interconnected areas that provide permanent protection for the region’s full range of natural and cultural values and features. Any development activities in this region must meet world-class resource management standards. They must provide long-term benefits to communities while retaining the intact natural character of this globally important boreal region.

The Framework describes a conservation vision for the boreal forest. The Framework’s goal is protecting at least 50% of the boreal forest region in a system of parks and protected areas with a commitment to “best practices” in resource development on the remaining portion