We are a sustainable community development and tourismmanagement company that creates economically sustainable eco-community tourism projects in under developed areas 

with an initial interest in under-developed Northern Fiji that promotes creaeconomic andenvironmental sustainability and cultural preservation through on-going business education and mentorship of the indigenous people in an effort to empower them as business owners. In the past, tourism in Fiji has been conducted in such a way that resulted in significant cultural and environmental exploitation and damage.  As a response to this, we have developed a tourism model that will empower indigenous Fijians to utilize the tourism industry in the following ways:

  • Promote economic sustainability.  By providing the Fijians employed with on-going business education and me

We cultivate unique global tourism communitiesthat celebrate, respect, and preserve the local cultures and customs, with anintended impact of seven generation sustainability, while also empowering theindigenous landowners and local people through providing business education andmentoring small business start ups, gradually placing the ownership andmanagement of the tourism operation into the hands of the local people untilcomplete ownership is handed over to them. Seven generation sustainability isan ecological ideal that urges the current generation to live and work for thebenefit of the seventh generation into the future, and it is an idealespecially important now to those areas of the world that are developingrapidly. We will develop a unique tourism environment and community that issustainable, while maintaining the indigenous integrity of the land. We willhonor the land, the sea, and respect the natural resources through employmentof eco-tourism ideals, alternative energy sources, education, and conservationinitiatives. The tourism model we promote within these communities empowers thenative people to utilize the benefits of the tourism industry in a way that iseconomically sustainable while preserving their culture and dignity, while atthe same time providing visitors authentic and meaningful experiences throughcultural immersion and participation in sustainable community living practices.