Brisbane Community Garden

For those folks on the Internet not familiar with the SF Bay Area, Brisbane is a charming little secluded town just outside of San Francisco, California. Nestled beside the San Bruno Mountain, Brisbane manages to avoid much of San Francisco’s fog and is often the perfect place to enjoy some sunny gardening.

A couple of times a year the gardeners get together to do bigger maintenance projects involving common-area weeding, shredding, and composting.

The American Community Gardening Association ACGA

The American Community Gardening Association [ACGA] is a bi-national nonprofit membership organization of professionals, volunteers and supporters of community greening in urban and rural communities. The Association recognizes that community gardening improves the quality of life for people by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, beautifying neighborhoods, producing nutritious food, reducing family food budgets, conserving resources and creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education.

ACGA and its member organizations work to promote and support all aspects of community food and ornamental gardening, urban forestry, preservation and management of open space, and integrated planning and management of developing urban and rural lands.