We are attempting to reduce the number of RTAs in our area through our RTA Campaign. This campaign consists of several elements:

Rescuing injured badgers. Not all badgers hit by motor vehicles are killed straightaway – some are left injured on the road. We have a network of Rescue Officers equipped to rescue these casualties. In many cases, the injuries are very severe and the badgers we rescue have to be put to sleep to end their suffering. But some survive, and when they are fit and well these badgers are released back into the wild.

Recording RTAs. As well as Rescue Officers, we have RTA Checkers, who follow up reports of dead badgers seen on our roads. The RTA Checkers log the exact location of each casualty, record other items of information, and then move the bodies from the roadside.

By recording exactly where badgers are run over, we are able to identify RTA blackspots” – those stretches of road where badgers are killed year after year.

Targetting RTA blackspots. Having identified a number of RTA blackspots in our area