The California Studies Association (CSA) is an independent organization, dedicated to the exchange of ideas about California, the promotion of an integrated understanding of California as a region, and to creating a public discourse on the future of this richly textured state.


 CSA embraces the broadest spectrum of concerns about California, its people, politics, economy, environment, science, arts, history, and literature. Through an annual California Studies Conference and other programs, the Association creates a public forum for the discussion of California, past, present and future. It promotes public education about California and serves as an umbrella group for California Studies programs at all educational levels.

 The Association includes people from every walk of life: faculty and teachers, students, policy makers, labor organizers, business people, local historians, writers and artists. It features the contributions of everyone who studies California, makes practical contributions to the State, or seeks to express the fabric of this multiethnic society. It values the cross-fertilization of ideas between fields of expertise and around the state and emphatically maintains a balance of academics and non-academics in its leadership, membership and activities.

 CSA seeks deeper bonds among all Californians and a stronger sense of the common weal, through networks of small and large institutions, across diverse communities, and among activists, experts, civil servants, writers, artists and performers. It hails the discovery of better ways to live and work in California and more enlightened public policies that serve the broadest definition of the people of this state.


 CSA is a registered non-profit, tax exempt (501(C)3) organization. Its organization is spelled out in by-laws adopted in 1990, as amended (available on our website). It is managed by a Chair and Steering Committee of 16 members, which meets at least twice a year.

 CSA is a membership organization. Membership is obtained by payment of modest dues. There is an annual open meeting of members, and nomination and election of officers and the Steering Committee is open to all members.

 The CSA is based at the Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley, 94720. (510) 642-3903. Our website address:

 The CSA was founded in 1990, under the leadership of Jeff Lustig, Professor of Politics, CSU-Sacramento. The current Chair is Richard Walker, Professor of Geography, University of California Berkeley.


CSA activities include:
    •     Monthly California Studies seminars & dinners
    •     Quarterly Newsletters
    •     Annual California Studies Conferences
    •     The California Thinkers registry (in conjunction with the California Council on the Humanities)