The Cambodian Defenders Project [CDP] was established in 1994 in Cambodia as a project of the International Human Rights Law Group [based in the United States , now called Global Rights] as an international non-governmental organization. In 2001, CDP became a local non-governmental organization. CDP is comprised of the first generation of post-conflict human rights lawyers in Cambodia . It is a provider of various types of legal services and is operated and staffed primarily by Cambodian nationals with some expatriate managerial and advisor support. CDP`s overarching mission is to strengthen the rule of law, the administration of justice and the development of liberal democracy. Its primary activities are as follows: providing case representation to poor and vulnerable Cambodian men, women and children who are victims of human rights abuses; raising legal awareness, knowledge and skills among Cambodian society with a focus on law enforcement, judicial officials and other key actors and institutions; and providing legal advocacy on legislation and the legislative process and discourse through various media outlets such as legal publications, newspapers, radio and television.

CDP created the Women`s Resource Center [WRC] in 1997 specifically to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence. To start, the WRC conducted general training and train the trainer” workshops for women`s NGOs focusing on legal strategy