The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is a national member-based, democratic organization. We are a registered charitable non-profit organization.

The membership of CCEDNet is made up of Community Economic Development (CED) community-based organizations and practitioners from every region of Canada. Our members bring urban, rural and northern experience and a diverse range of community economic development expertise to the work of CCEDNet.

Our mission is to promote and support community economic development for the social, economic and environmental betterment of communities within Canada.

What is CED?

CED can be defined as action by people locally to create economic opportunities and enhance social conditions in their communities on a sustainable and inclusive basis, particularly with those who are most disadvantaged.

CED is a community-based and community-directed process that explicitly combines social and economic development and fosters the economic, social, ecological and cultural well being of communities.

CED has emerged as an alternative to conventional approaches to economic development. It is founded on the belief that problems facing communities – unemployment, poverty, job loss, environmental degradation and loss of community control – need to be addressed in a holistic and participatory way.