Our perceptions of health can no longer be confined to the boundaries of the individual, the community or the nation. Health and well-being is increasingly related to emerging global trends, often resulting in health inequities worldwide. This phenomenon presents many challenges to the wide range of actors and institutions working to improve global health.

The Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) is a national non-governmental organization that works domestically and internationally to reduce global health inequities and strengthen health systems. Founded in 1977, CSIH attempts to realize its goals through the dedication of its membership and staff. CSIH is governed by a Board of Directors.

CSIH members share a common interest and commitment to global health, global health research, and international development. Our members include individuals and organizations representing a broad spectrum of experience in various disciplines. Members contribute considerable time and energy to CSIH’s many activities, programs and projects, and connect CSIH to other organizations in Canada and abroad. Through the engagement of its members and partners, CSIH endeavors to bring together various communities engaged in global health in order to promote a collective agenda.

Our Mission and Guiding Values

The mission of CSIH is to lead in mobilizing knowledge and resources to facilitate innovation and excellence in global health, both in Canada and internationally.

CSIH envisions a world where Canada and the broader international health community fully embrace their obligations to reduce global health inequities and increase social justice by effectively using available knowledge. The work of CSIH and its members is guided by a common set of values including:

· The belief that health is a fundamental human right;

· The belief that solidarity must guide our actions in the field of international health;

· The view that diversity is an asset;

· A commitment to being a learning organization that builds on previous experience in the pursuit of excellence;

· The belief that a synergy of efforts in partnerships guided by concrete objectives is the critical ingredient in achieving our mission;

· A commitment to establishing partnerships on the principles of transparency, integrity and reciprocity.