[imgur:canyel3.jpg:]– a grassroots clean air movement

The Canary Coalition is your family, friends and neighbors getting together to do something about the poor quality of the air we’ve been breathing in western North Carolina and the southern Appalachian region.

If you’re like most western North Carolinians you love the mountains, its people and culture. You consider this region your home. A good place to live, work and play. A wonderful area to raise children, live a fruitful life and perhaps retire some day. But you’re also becoming increasingly alarmed by the frequent air quality alerts you’re hearing about on the news. It’s hard to swallow the fact that what was once a precious commodity, our clean mountain air, is now being compared to the air over Los Angeles. Visibility has diminished in the Great Smokies from 60 miles to an average of 15 miles. Health concerns to trees, animals and humans are real and increasing.

The Canary Coalition coordinates public events that both educate public officials and focus national attention on the air quality problems we’re experiencing in the Smoky Mountain region.

The Canary Coalition works with similar groups in other parts of the country to combine our strength and influence on the federal level.