The mission of the Cape Cod Stranding Network (CCSN) is to provide rapid response, assessment and humane care for stranded marine mammals; to effect appropriate release, and to conduct research and education in order to reduce suffering and prevent avoidable deaths.

CCSN’s Goals and Objectives

Evaluate stranded animals as quickly as possible to identify candidates for rescue, relocation, and release.

Plan and conduct relocation and release procedures as priority.

Locate rehabilitation facilities for appropriate candidates and aid in transport to the facility when immediate release is not in the animal’s best interests.

Perform full necropsies, including human-interaction protocols, photography, and tissue sampling to determine cause of death, and to provide samples to research programs.

Conduct scientific research into the causes of strandings, and to apply the results to the prevention of future events.

Educate the public about marine mammal strandings and the role of marine mammals in the ecosystem.

Develop stranding science” through improved assessment