CarbonSense was formed in the UK 2003 and has become an independent and insightful voice in the field of climate change and carbon. We are a small team offering research, innovation and consultancy.

About Us

At the beginning of the Millennium, ‘climate change’ was becomingmore widely recognised but still not making sense to ordinary people.Antony Turner decided to establish a new company to promote a widerunderstanding of climate change and inspire creative solutions frompeople and businesses around the globe. In 2003, CarbonSense was bornin the UK.

A multi-disciplinary team was brought togetherwith expertise in community theatre, communications, leadershipdevelopment and behavioural change as well as science, engineering andthe entrepreneurial flair that had already helped several of thefounding associates to establish successful businesses.

Overthe last five years CarbonSense has become highly regarded as anactive, independent and insightful voice in the field of climate changeand carbon, helping many businesses and other organisations towardsclimate leadership.

In addition to permanent full-timestaff, CarbonSense continues to employ a wide range of associates anddraw on established relationships with associate companies and academicinstitutions. In addition, the CarbonSense Foundation has been formedto carry forward innovative work on international policy issues.

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