Land distribution and rural poverty

Almost 70% of the rural population live in extreme poverty and many small-scale farmers do not have ownership of their land. Fairer land distribution and more secure legal tenure would greatly improve livelihoods.

Mining and natural resources

Modern techniques and an increase in the price of gold means it is possible to make profits from mining low quality ore, and many large transnationals companies now have operations in Honduras.


Almost 60% of AIDS cases in the whole region are in Honduras, with the World Health Organisation estimating that up to 110,000 adults and children were infected by the end of 2003.

Among women of childbearing age, HIV and AIDS is the principal cause of death. A major challenge is the shortage of health workers trained to deal with the disease.

Latin America

– Poor human rights record
– Conflict and peace building
– Weak democracy
– Unequal land distribution
– Unfair trade and economic injustice
– HIV and AIDS

CAFOD’s priorities:

CAFOD works with many local organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean. We share our partners’ priorities of:

– Promoting civil society participation – encouraging people to participate in the local community and building local democratic structures
– Human rights, justice and peace building
– Rural livelihoods
– Urban community development
– Fair trade and trade justice
– Health, including HIV/AIDS