Location: Davidson, North Carolina, United States
Issue Areas: Amphibians, Endangered Animal Species Protection, Reptiles

The primary goal of the central carolina amphibian and reptile initiative (CCARI) is to help implement the mission of parterns in amphibian and reptile conservstion(PARC) at the local level.The PARC mission is to conserve amphibians,reptiles and their habitats as integral parts of our ecosysem and culture through proactive and coordinated public/private partnerships.

1. Increase public awareness and involvement in the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their associated habitats.

2. Develop partnerships and increase communication and cooperation among all persons and groups interested or involved in herpetofaunal research and conservation within the central Carolina region.

3. Share data from regional studies with the national PARC database.

4. For the central Carolina region: Determine and map current and historical amphibian and reptile diversity and distribution. Determine current species status, species distribution, and relative abundance and habitat requirements.

5. Act as a central Carolina regional resource for herpetological information while endeavoring to insure the protection of sensitive species and habitat data.