Forest Monkey Rehabilitation & Conservation – is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity through conservation of rainforest primates and their habitat. Founded in 1994, CERCOPAN is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation and works in cooperation with the Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism, Cross River State Forestry Commission, under the Ministry of Environment. Located in southeast Nigeria, it is in one of the most biologically productive regions in all of Africa. The area supports an incredible variety of plant and animal life, and primates are no exception. More than a dozen species of primates make their home in the rainforests of south-east Nigeria, including the well known chimpanzee and western lowland gorilla. Not so well known, are the family of primates known as Cercopithecidae, which include the small and colourful guenons (Cercopithecus), and the large,vocal mangabeys (Cercocebus). Many of this group are seriously threatened by escalating deforestation and hunting, but sadly, we know very little about their behaviour or ecology. The endangered red-eared guenon, for example, is endemic to this region of Africa; this means it is found nowhere else in the world. Although Nigerian law prohibits hunting and trading of many endangered species, due to lack of infrastructure and awareness, the practice continues unabated. Currently CERCOPAN provides sanctuary and rehabilitation to more than 170 individuals of six species — five species of guenon, including the mona, putty-nose, Sclater’s, Preuss’s, and red-eared, and one species of mangabey, the red-capped mangabey.