COECOCEIBA-FoE Costa Rica (formerly AECO-FoE Costa Rica) was founded in 1988 to consolidate the work of community leaders and students undertaken since the early 1980s. The organization promotes environmental protection through education, training, communication and campaigning. It seeks to mobilize Costa Rica’s urban and rural communities in search of sustainable societies, in defense of their rights to a healthy environment and just societies.

A major campaign focus is its watchdog role against large transnational companies. The group also works on forestry issues and territorial management, and campaigns against mining (gold and oil) and the expansion of monoculture plantations. Currently, FoE Costa Rica is the chair of the Costa Rican Federation for the Conservation of Nature.The group participates in the following FoEI campaigns: Climate Change, Ecological Debt, Forests, Genetically Modified Organisms, Mining, Trade, Environment and Sustainability, Sustainable Societies, International Financial Institutions and Transnational Corporations.