Charity Rewards Network is restructuring

and clarifying its vision. The following helps

describe our current state of becoming:

A social enterprise which:

  • Supports local and regional economic development with targeted marketing campaigns 
  • Recruits, train, and support agents from economically challenged verticals
  • Aggregates products and services from diverse providers.
  • Develops and operates targeted marketing campaigns 
Our marketing campaigns reach out to local nonprofits and economies to:
  • Place people in need on the steps of success with the resources to climb higher
  • Empower local business with profitability improvement resources
  • Provide access to our growing global network of support 
Programs are in development for these groups who are suffering the effects of our broken global economy:
  • Veterans
  • Teachers
  • Retired
  • Unemployed and underemployed
We are a globally aware, locally focused social enterprise creating a new economy of charity one person, one heart, one business at a time. We seek premier solutions from world-class providers with compatible business models.