We are essentially a doctor’s organization which is open to esteemed members from developed and developing countries from all walks of life who stay connected constantly over the net. This organization works on its founding principle of being a think tank organization and aims to find solutions to most pressing problems like malnutrition, population explosion, maternity and child care, Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, diarrhea and dysentery, polio, measles, hygiene & sanitation, emergency response and disaster mitigation, and geriatric problems. “Rising to the occasion is our motto”.

Morbidity from TB remains unabated even after major efforts for its control. Now with the expected increase in fresh HIV infections, the incidence and prevalence of TB is bound to multiply disproportionately in the Indian Sub-Continent. Alarming trends of Multi-Drug Resistant TB is already being noticed. It is therefore a time to join hands and work together to limit TB as also the other problems, and we therefore implore all like minded individuals, organizations, regional, national and international, to co-opt strategies and knowledge to work together towards stopping and eliminating TB.