We are an association that educates the public on the importance of supporting your local economy, and encouraging businesses and consumers to be environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Independent businesses create wealth by engaging local people in the production, marketing, and consumption of goods, they pay taxes, and reinvest in our communities.

We educate the public to: reduce material and energy costs, recycle and reuse waste, buy and sell locally. By limiting the environmental impacts of doing business, we aim to keep our region healthy and competitive, and to preserve our authentic places, for future generations to enjoy. Become a member of our exciting, new Alliance.

We are a part of the BALLE network: an international alliance of independently operated local business networks dedicated to building Local Living Economies.

We envision a sustainable global economy as a network of Local Living Economies, building long-term economic empowerment and prosperity in communities through local business ownership, economic justice, cultural diversity and a healthy natural environment.