Cultivating Community Environment

We’re a group of citizens concerned about the environmental sustainability of our own lives and that of our community at large. We work together to empower each other, our local businesses, and our local government towards adopting more environmentally friendly mindsets and lifestyles in recognition of the interconnectedness of our actions and physical habitat. With collective awareness turned into collaboration, we aim to adopt conscious consumption, resource conservation, minimal waste, recycling/reuse, and renewable/sustainable energy as policies and practices when possible both personally and in our community. We focus not on political agenda but rather practical action that will make our lives and the well-being of our community better now and sustain it for future generations to come.

Sustainable social practices and relationships are just as important as ecological ones – we don’t think community should just be a bunch of individuals who happen to live in the same area, but rather an engaged body that is a living whole, thriving to the extent that its individual parts are active and interactive. To this end, we host a variety of events and activities that not only relate to green and sustainability issues, but also to cultivating community, as in our slogan ‘Cultivating Community Environment.’ Event types include community education (workshops