We are community organizers, civic journalists, and youth activists. We are grassroots environmentalists, business people and civil servants working collaboratively to create safe and sustainable local economies. We are union and business innovators, dispute resolution practitioners, participatory urban planners. We are teachers and librarians working to develop civic skills at every level of our educational system. We are community health and social welfare professionals working to empower families and develop community capacities for solving problems in a diverse and complex society undergoing rapid change.

We are trainers and consultants in some of the most successful community partnerships and consensus building projects in the United States today. We are civic leaders, foundation officers and policy experts developing new approaches that enhance citizens’ roles in active public problem solving and responsible democratic deliberation.

Our common mission is to tell the stories of civic innovation, share the practical wisdom, and exchange the most effective tools available. CPN is a pluralist and nonpartisan network of civic educators and practitioners who share this commitment. Our World Wide Web pages provide online, multimedia capacities to exchange the broadest range of practical tools and diverse experiences, and to fashion these for use in many different settings: schools and professional training programs, community centers and public libraries, government agencies and private businesses, homes and churches—wherever people gather to do important civic work and learning.

We provide these online to the broad public as a common resource for practical civic education, responsible community action, and democratic policy making. They can be printed out, photocopied, and assembled as customized workbooks, course readers, and resource guides.