The Coalition for Clean Air is dedicated to restoring clean, healthful air to California by advocating responsible public health policy, providing technical and educational expertise, and promoting broad-based community involvement.

For people of all ages, air pollution can cause respiratory problems that include cancer. We simply must do more to reduce air pollution and protect public health. Our environment is also seriously impaired by air pollution. World climate change, the depletion of the ozone layer, and acid rain are all the result of human emissions.

To maximize effectiveness, the Coalition for Clean Air has structured its work into four major programs that we believe are critical to achieving the goal of clean air and protecting California’s public health.

1. Transporation: CCA is one of the leading environmental groups in California advocating for a transition away from petroleum-based fuels to cleaner alternatives. Our efforts include education on the health hazards associated with diesel exhaust, advocacy for regulatory reform by local, state and federal agencies, and promotion of incentives for the development and purchase of cleaner technologies.

2. Energy and Climate Change: Almost half of the global warming pollution in the US is a result of electricity production. As a nation, we are debating our energy supplies, including when and how much to clean up old power plants and how aggressively we should pursue alternative, renewable sources of energy. The Coalition for Clean Air supports cleaning up existing power plants, increasing the development of renewable supplies and conserving energy.

3. Public Health and Air Toxics: The Coalition for Clean Air works to educate Californians about the dangers of toxic chemicals, advocates for tougher regulation, and promotes nontoxic alternatives. Our recent work has focused on phasing out the use of the toxic chemical perchloroethylene, used in dry cleaning.

4. Education and Outreach: We believe that educating the public about air pollution and climate change is critical to making progress on these issues. Improving community awareness is empowering and a critical step towards community action to protect the health of the community’s residents. With a strong communication and education component to each of our programs, we help communities develop leaders who prioritize protecting their communities from the environmental and public health impacts of pollution.