The Collaborative on Health and the Environment – Northwest (CHE-NW) is a regional branch of CHE National, a nonpartisan partnership of over 1700 individuals and organizations. CHE seeks to raise the level of scientific and public dialogue about the role of environmental contaminants and other environmental factors in many of the common diseases, disorders and conditions of our time. Participation is open to health professionals, researchers, health-affected and patient groups, advocacy organizations and indeed anyone concerned about protecting the health of current and future generations from environmental harm.

CHE-NW now has two state initiatives: CHE-Washington (CHE-WA), established in March 2003, and CHE-Oregon (CHE-OR), established in February 2005. We have learned that it is important to focus on the state level so that members can collaborate on educational and policy efforts that are unique to their respective state (or city or county within that state) and participate in face-to-face meetings more easily. Regional CHE Groups will each develop their own flavor” and areas of interest depending on those involved.

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